Kirlian (Aura Photography)

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Kirlian photography, first discovered in 1889, captures the light created by electrical discharge around an object, due to ionisation of fluid or gas.

While still considered a pseudo-science here in the West, it is possible to obtain a PhD in Kirlian photography in Russian universities. In 2017, an external student of a Russian University visited us to take a movie of a droplet of Heart Spring water under a microscope and compared it with a supermarket product. 

Check out the video results below!

I will let the results speak for themselves.  

The Heart Spring living water droplet dances around under the microscope while the supermarket product barely moves. Explanations aside, for or against, it is certainly a wondrous thing. This incredible result confirmed for him that Heart Spring water is full of life. He tested water at different lengths of time from being in the ground and, as with other “fresh produce”, the liveliness was stronger the closer to “harvest”. 

He also tested water put through a water filter and didn’t find the same liveliness. He concluded that man cannot improve on nature.

Droplets of water viewed under a microscope using Kirlian Video:

Heart Spring Water Kirlian Video

Leading Supermarket Water Kirlian Video

Interesting to see the liveliness of real water compared to the barely moving processed product.

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