Terms, Conditions & Additional Charges

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Our costs are based on using our automated system and any manual processing outside of this will be charged as follows:

  • If we aren’t notified in advance about cards not working due to any reason like being lost, stolen, expired, cancelled or having insufficient funds, a manual processing fee of $15.00 is applicable to cover costs.
  • Trading outside invoiced terms may attract a fee of 2.5% per week and may result in cash in advance being required going forward.
  • Cancelling an order or cancelling a “usual amount” on delivery day may result in a $15 fee. The reason is that to process the order, generate paperwork and pack the van accounts for most of our costs.


  • Replacement cost for non-returned or damaged bottles is $20.00 each.

Bottle Care is an essential part of being a customer:

15 Litre bottles remain the property of Heart Spring and we choose to minimise the environmental impact by requiring our customers to look after our bottles. We ask that the bottles be respected as an essential part of bringing you this gift of nature.

As a community resource they should not be dragged, pushed by foot or placed outside or on rough surfaces, so that they we can be proud to have our soft (BPA Free) bottles sitting in anyone’s home or business. They are not an outdoor item.

We have sourced the best bottles available in Australia to look after you and the environment.

Important details:

  1. Put a protective layer under the bottles if being placed on rough or dirty surfaces – (cardboard works is an easy solution)
  2. If you need to leave the bottles outside for collection, please do so for the shortest time practical
  3. Never apply stickers, tape or adhesives to the bottles
  4. Keep bottles in a cool place and out of direct sunlight – this also keeps your water fresher for longer
  5. Don’t try to clean the bottles or expose them to hot water – if something gets into the bottle, please notify us of what it is. The bottle may require extra cleaning processes or recycling
  6. Leave empties for collection in a secured location out of direct sun or heat – empty BPA free bottles may warp at temperatures >30º
  7. With proper use and care, each Heart Spring 15L bottle can save thousands of single use bottles entering the waste stream.

General Information:

  1. It is important to have your empties available for pick up and not to keep bottles for more than 4 weeks, otherwise we will run out!
  2. We will discuss what your usual order is likely to be, which is easy to change at any time.  Then you only need contact us if you want to change your usual amount, change your next delivery amount or discuss anything.
  3. We will add you to a regular delivery run cycle.
  4. Our text service sends out a reminder, the day before delivery. If you accidently get too much water, just order less next time. If you don’t have enough, contact us and we can swing by off another run to help out.
  5. Invoices and any important notices will be sent to your email.

We look forward to bringing our organic, energised Heart Spring water to your door for the greater health and vitality of you and your loved ones.

We hope you continue to enjoy our service and products and welcome your feedback.

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