Bottle Care

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The bottles are BPA Free, so they are not as strong as most bottles on the market. BPA is a hardener which is bad for people but good for profits.

We enjoy working together with our community to protect the environment by keeping the bottles in service for as many years as possible.

Please keep them looking good to avoid the pass on replacement cost of $15.00 for lost or damaged bottles.

Keep bottles indoors

Bottles need to be stored inside to keep out insects, dust and dirt.

Also Light and heat are not good for water or bottles and will result in algae or mold growing in the bottle.


If the surface we are delivering onto is rough (eg cement) or dirty, we place the bottles on cardboard.

Please tilt and lift rather than push or pull the bottles to protect their bottoms.

Thank you for your time and understanding. If you have any suggestions or issues, please let us know.

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