Heart Spring General Information for Customers

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Heart Spring is a boutique business focused on providing the cleanest, freshest spring water from the beautiful Southern Highlands of New South Wales. 

As customers of Spring Plus since 2004, our family has enjoyed the simple pleasure of drinking our very own local drop.

In 2015 we purchased Spring Plus; and in 2017 we renamed it Heart Spring.

This has been an exciting time for us, building our community and sharing our passion with like-minded people who appreciate our intentions and efforts to provide a door to door delivery service of natural, fresh & clean spring water, whilst mitigating our carbon footprint and environmental impact. 

Water accessories
Includes bench stands, floor stands, ceramic dispensers, portable hand pumps, coolers and more!  https://heartspring.com.au/product-category/water-accessories/

We look forward to hearing from you if you’d like further information on any of our products, or we can bring you samples and discuss your requirements in person.

Thank you
Our business grows by word-of-mouth. Introduce a friend or business to Heart Spring and enjoy 2 x 15L bottles of Heart Spring Water as a ‘thank you’ once they order their first two bottles.

Delivery area
We currently deliver in the Wingecarribee and Wollondilly Shires. We also have a Sydney distributor.

Payment terms
There are no contracts and no required fixed ordering amounts. We’re flexible and discuss upfront your personal requirements.

Invoices and any important notices will be sent to your email.

Payments are via our automated online credit/debit card service or cash.

Automated transactions
We use Stripe, a safe and secure global e-commerce provider to process online credit or debit card transactions.  Learn more: https://stripe.com/au

Stripe directly transfers from your account to our merchant account with Stripe. Heart Spring pays the transfer fees charged by Stripe.

Refillable, recyclable
Our bottles are a shared resource. With proper use and care, each Heart Spring 15L bottle can save thousands of single use bottles entering the waste stream.

We collect your empties each delivery, clean them using spring water and ‘non-residual’ oxygen cleaners (no harsh synthetic chemicals), and refill for reuse. 

Note: It is important to have the empties available for collection each delivery.

We have sourced the best bottles available in Australia to look after you and the environment. 

BPA free means no nasties leaking into your water. It also means they aren’t as durable as most other bottles on the market.

Bottle care – we seek your support, so please:

  • put a protective layer under the bottles if being placed on rough or dirty surfaces – (cardboard or matting works great)
  • If you need to leave the bottles outside for collection, please do so for the shortest time practical
  • do not drag the bottles as it will damage them
  • never apply stickers, tape or adhesives to the bottles
  • keep bottles in a cool place and out of direct sunlight – this also keeps your water fresher for longer
  • don’t try to clean the bottles or expose them to hot water – if something gets into the bottle, please notify us of what it is. The bottle may require extra cleaning processes or it may just need to be recycled
  • leave empties for collection in a secured location out of direct sun or heat – empty BPA free bottles may warp at temperatures >30º
  • missing or damaged bottles will incur a $15 replacement fee.

We look forward to bringing our organic, energised Heart Spring water to your door for the greater health and vitality of you and your loved ones.

We hope you continue to enjoy our service and products and please let us know when we can do better.

Yours in health
Chris Cloran
Heart Spring

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