Heart Spring at Bundanoon Makers Market 18/02/18

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We were warmly welcomed today at the Bundanoon Makers Market – sharing our passion for spring water, mineral water, organic cider and our range of plant based catering supplies.

We hope to attend future markets in lovely Bundy, but we can’t ignore the elephant in the room. Bundanoon is a plastic water bottle free village. We respect that, and aim to clarify where we stand, in fact, closely aligned with the integrity of the ‘Bundy on Tap’ initiative.

Heart Spring sells water, not plastic bottles of water. At Heart Spring we choose to reuse.

Our sustainable business model proudly aims to protect the environment with a managed door to door service and bottle control system that ensures each and every one of our Australian made, 15L BPA-free dispenser vessels remains the property of Heart Spring.

We deliver and retrieve, clean and refill our reusable bottles many, many times over.  An estimated average of 3,000 litres of water can be delivered and dispensed via ONE bottle during its useful life cycle (over many years) – saving up to 10,000 (300ml) single use plastic bottles being discarded as litter or waste into our municipality. After several years of service, the recyclable bottle can be turned into pellets for further uses.

Delivering locally (within 100kms), keeps our carbon footprint to a minimum. Our service enables customers to switch to healthier eco-friendly reusable glass, stainless steel or insulated stainless steel water bottles for personal use, to keep hydrated with the water of their choice while on the go, without the plastic waste.

For water lovers who enjoy the taste and health benefits of spring water compared to tap water, Heart Spring water is harvested directly from a protected, well-managed, water source in the Southern Highlands, under licence.

The harvesting facility was established at the water source in 1998 and Heart Spring (formerly trading as Spring Plus) was established in July 2015.

With no contaminates, added chemicals or exposure to extensive pipelines or plumbing that can leach heavy metals, Heart Spring water is filtered by nature, then Grander and Orgonite energised to deliver hydration in its purest natural state, fresh from a true, ever-flowing spring – collected from the surface, not extracted or bored.

Proud members of the Fitzroy Falls Food and Wine Cluster, Heart Spring also supplies local Highlands Beverages’ internationally awarded range of sparkling and still mineral waters (in glass bottles), as well as Pomologist Cider – a multi awarded organic, bio-dynamic traditional dry cider produced in Robertson.

With a deep commitment to sustainability, Heart Spring’s ethical, eco-choice products include a range of authentic biodegradable,
compostable, plant based catering and packaging solutions – NO PLASTICS!

We trust this information addresses any expressed or held concerns from the Bundanoon citizens who worked hard to make Bundanoon the first town in Australia to go bottled water free – an initiative we support whole heartedly in the spirit of reducing plastic waste and preserving our precious natural resources.

We believe, as a small-scale, family operated, local business that provides jobs for our employees and suppliers, Heart Spring deserves its unique niche in the Southern Highlands business community and the region we love to serve.

We hope to see you next time at the Bundanoon Makers Market.

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